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Nighttime Skincare Tips

nighttime skin care

At the end of a long day nighttime skincare can take a backseat. But it's so important to look after our skin so that we make the most of the restorative impact of sleep.

So looking ahead to tonight, here are 4 top tips to make the most of your beauty sleep:

1. Cleanse you skin

At the end of the day invest in a good cleansing routine. This gives your skin an opportunity to repair itself during the night, free from the dirt and grime that it has gathered throughout the day. Removing your makeup and cleansing your skin gives a clean palette for applying your nighttime skin products.

2. Moisturise at night

Moisturising your skin at night is a nighttime skin care must! At night when your skin is resting its permeability is at its highest, allowing moisturiser to absorb even deeper. Skipping this step and keeping the skin bare results in dry skin cell build up.

3. Use products with performance

During the day the skincare products we use are aimed at protecting our skin and have ingredients such as vitamin C and an SPF. However at night we can turn our attention to regeneration of the skin. Products that repair, exfoliate and have anti-inflammatory qualities are perfect for nighttime skincare.

4. Aim for 8 hours sleep at night

A lack of sleep isn't good for the body's circulatory system, and as a result can prevent under eye blood vessels from draining properly. This results in the dark circles we associated with tiredness. A good night's sleep has many health benefits including healthier skin, and a healthy management of stress.

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