Framar Health has enjoyed a rich and diverse history within complementary medicine.  A family business with traditional family values, Framar made pioneering progress in the availability of alternative therapies, treatments and health foods to the people of Northern Ireland; Framar welcomed one of the first fully qualified reflexologists to its clinic, had the first NAHS qualified staff member and was the first to bring aromatherapy products to its shelves.  It was the first and only Jan de Vries clinic in the province and has welcomed thousands of customers through its doors since its opening over thirty years ago.

Margaret Maconaghie and staff member, 1985

Pearl Maconaghie, 1987

Pioneered by the Maconaghie family in 1981, Paul and his mum Margaret founded the natural health food and supplement retail store, whilst Paul’s father Frank was the founder of the Framar Health complementary clinic and the first practitioner on the premises, offering homeopathic and herbal advice to his clients.  Paul’s wife Pearl Maconaghie, who holds a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry from QUB, has played an integral role in the business.  In 1984 she became one of the first reflexologists in Northern Ireland and the second official practitioner in the Framar Health clinic, and in 1989 she completed her Diploma in Nutritional Therapy at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition (ION) working alongside Patrick Holford.  In 1986 Framar Health welcomed the fifth member of the Maconaghie family to its ranks, Paul's twin brother David who ran the Ormeau Road branch until its closing in 2007. 

In the summer of 1987 Framar Health received a high accolade and was the first health food shop in the province to be recognised on a national level.  Framar won 'The Best Health Food Shop in the UK', a national award from the magazine of the health food trade, "The Natural Food Trader", accompanied by a cheque for £1000 which was presented by the magazine editor Jenny Bain. 

Paul Maconaghie with the other finalists in London, 1987

Jenny Bain presenting Paul Maconaghie with the £1000 cheque

Jan de Vries, Margaret Maconaghie, Frank Maconaghie

Jan de Vries joined the Framar Health clinical team in 1993 with great enthusiasm from the family.  Jan brought expertise, passion and commitment to his clients in Northern Ireland and was a great friend of the Maconaghie family and the wider Framar community.  He was dedicated to his clinic in Belfast until his death in the summer of 2015.  Paul’s parents passed away in '06 and '07, but their legacy will forever live on, embodied by the business name; FRA (Frank) MAR (Margaret).

Framar's 30th Anniversary
June 2011 

Pearl Maconaghie, Jan de Vries, Paul Maconaghie

Paul Maconaghie, Jan de Vries

David Maconaghie, Paul Maconaghie

2011 Framar Health team with Jan de Vries

Stella Coughlan, Jan de Vries, Paul Maconaghie

Paul Maconaghie, 1987

Early 1990's

In its 36 years Framar has undergone many facelifts, but the heart of the business has remained the same, clearly seen in its commitment to bringing natural remedies to help sustain a healthy lifestyle for each of its customers. 


The Framar clinic continues to grow and is now home to 14 practitioners offering diverse therapies and treatments from acupuncture to psychotherapy. 


The retail store is the heart of the business and stocks the most reputable and best quality products, from supplements to natural beauty products to specialised foods, with experienced staff members on hand, who enjoy a great relationship with our loyal customers.  

2000 Framar retail team with Jan de Vries

Paul Maconaghie Proprietor

 Justin Maconaghie Retail Store Manager

 Edwin Howe Finance Manager

In 1981 Paul Maconaghie together with his business partner and mother Margaret and his father Frank, stepped into the world of alternative medicine.  Fast forward 36 years and today Paul’s son Justin and his son in-law Edwin are both involved with the day to day running of the business.  Framar continues to grow from strength to strength and looks forward to a promising future in the world of traditional remedies, innovative supplements and complementary therapies. 

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