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Diet Culture vs Intuitive Eating

diet culture intuitive eating

'Weight Management', 'New Year Diet', 'Loose Weight Feel Great', 'Clean Eating' - however it's worded, the multi-billion pound diet industry profits from making people feeling insecure about the skin they are in. Instead of feeling pressure to 'get your body back', why not take your body back from industries that try to body shame, provoke and profit from our self-doubt.

Intuitive eating seems to be the buzz words for 2019, gaining a popular following within a community of people who stand for body security and empowerment rather than fad diets and insecure conformity.

Intuitive eating is something I have been doing for a couple of years without knowing there was a name for it! My interpretation is that intuitive eating is all about being curious about your eating habits rather than judgemental; we can be fooled into thinking that weight loss will lead to a more fulfilled life, a life that exudes happiness, success and freedom... but for most people that is just a pipe dream. Freedom actually exists in the acceptance of our body here and now, and the positive changes that we can make to our overall lifestyle. Intuitive eating reflects this mindset, a mindset that embraces all of who we are. It is a connected approach to eating foods that resonate with the nutrition we need at the time.

Intuitive eating does not mean that everyone is currently eating well if they are eating what they want when they want. Education is critical; seeking to improve health behaviours rather than allowing ourselves to become focused on a specific weight target is key. These methods are going to be a much more efficient way to manage our eating and our relationship with our body.

Individuality is embraced in many areas of our society, and yet when it comes down to weight management it's a one size fits all approach that is most common. Counter to this, intuitive eating respects the individual and their own personal journey and seeks to improve overall health and wellness. Chasing a body type non-specific to your own only leads to a barrier to health. This body image emphasis led by the diet industry, combined with loaded trigger words such as 'fat', 'cellulite', 'flaw', 'imperfection', 'normal', 'beach body', 'problem area' etc all contribute to an unhealthy relationship with our bodies and the food we eat.

Food and your body have a close relationship, and in my experience it is either a respectful relationship, or a disrespectful one. Educate yourself on the food that you are consuming, the health benefits they contain or the nutrients they may be lacking. Become curious about your eating habits and your lifestyle choices rather than judgmental, and become intimately acquainted with your body, your skin and what makes you feel good.

We are delighted to work closely with qualified nutritionists Jane McClenaghan, Sarah Trimble and Cathy Hutton in our Health and Wellness Clinic. They are available on an appointment basis only and can help you take the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle this year. Please phone 028 90681018 to make an appointment.

Let's choose body acceptance and take 2019 as an opportunity to choose to respect our bodies and eat intuitively.

Happy New Year!

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