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Stay Healthy When You Travel

health when travelling

Sometimes when travelling abroad our immune system can become compromised due to environmental factors, disruptive sleep, and travelling in close proximity to others. And when we've been planning on relaxing and unwinding on our holiday for months, sickness is the last thing we want to deal with.

Happily there are a few supplements which may be able to help:

A probiotic that can help with digestive issues, S. Boulardii is often used in the treatment of digestive illness caused by bad bacteria. As a preventative measure it has been used to prevent upset tummies and diarrhoea when travelling. Even better, it is heat resistant and doesn't need to be refrigerated. So consider making it one of your travelling essentials this summer.

This vitamin is thought to help protect against insect bites in high doses. As this is a water soluble vitamin, whatever the body doesn't need it will excrete, and this is therefore the smell that insects don't like. Consider starting to take this supplement before you go on holiday in order for it to build up in your system.

A deeply relaxing way of shutting off the world while you try to relax on a plane or confined public mode of transport. Let the interstellar, jasmine infused eye mask heat up as you drift off...

Happy travelling!

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