How to balance homeschooling and working from home??

Ok, so we’re back here again… but before a sense of dread or overwhelm sets in let’s run through a few easy adjustments that we can make to help us keep our sanity during this lockdown

Firstly, meal planning is our friend

Simply this is planning your weekly/monthly meals in advance which will make grocery shopping a once a week job and ensure the daily preparation and cooking is as mindless as possible! As you know we at Framar Health are pretty obsessed with nutrition, so let's take this as an opportunity to spend time each week ensuring that you and the kids are eating as nutritiously as possible. Including Linwoods milled flaxseeds in your shop will ensure breakfast time is as nutritionally dense, whilst also making smoothies that extra bit nutritious. A good multi vitamin is always a great addition to any nutrition plan, providing essential nutrients on a daily basis.

Keep your energy levels topped up

Homeschooling whilst working requires being creative and channeling a new set of skills. This is going to stretch us, so keeping energy levels high whilst avoiding the dreaded sugar spike and crash is crucial. Eating slow release carbs will sustain you and the kids for longer, for example porridge for breakfast with oat milk and fresh fruit, whilst walnuts are a great source of protein and healthy fat and will help aid concentration. As a nut butter fan, our 8 year old son really enjoys his nut snacks! Supplements such as omega 3 fish oils can also help the