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Dodge the 'Holiday Tummy'

Are you worried about getting 'holiday tummy'

on your overseas trips this year?

Pack Optibac 'For Travelling Abroad' in your suitcase.

optibac holiday

When eating and drinking different foods in unfamiliar environments, stomach upset can be a common problem and this is thought by some to be caused by an upset of one's natural gut flora. OptiBac

'For travelling abroad' contains high quality strains of natural bacteria, or live cultures.

The particular strains in this live cultures supplement have been shown to survive at higher temperatures which makes this a suitable travel companion for destinations with hotter, more humid climates than that of the UK.

'For travelling abroad' from OptiBac is the ideal supplement for travel; with species such as L. acidophilus and S. boulardii it does not require refrigeration. Make this shelf-stable and cabin friendly product your travel essential and enjoy increased confidence on your holiday this year.

optibac holiday

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