Co-Owner of Framar, Ed Howe Discusses his Health Journey

As seen in Northern Woman magazine Feb '19

Is there such a thing as 'good salt'?

The balance of mineral salts in the body is vitally important for joint health, emotional health and general wellbeing. Different salts contain different levels of trace minerals. Table salt goes through a process of refining and bleaching, in which it ends up nearly completely sodium chloride. This differs from other mineral salts such as Himalayan salt which contains upwards of 80 natural minerals. The following quotation contains information regarding certain health warnings about the over consumption of table salt, "The result of consuming common table salt is the formation of overly acidic edema, or excess fluid in the body tissue ... For every .035 ounces of sodium chloride that ca

Not Just Another January Detox

Following the socialising and celebrating of the festive season when we have eaten and drank much much more than usual, we can now expect to be encouraged to detoxify or cleanse every January. It sometimes feels that this is a punishment we must face after enjoying ourselves a bit too much during Christmas and New Year. Yet detoxification plays an important role in supporting a number of health concerns. In supporting our hard working liver we can promote digestive health, female hormone balance, energy levels and skin health, to name just a few. So while cutting back on alcohol, sugar and processed foods will definitely help us feel better if we’re struggling to get our diets back on track

Blue Monday? Not with these Top 5 Mood Boosting Foods!

Officially Monday 15th January 2018 is Blue Monday, the day in the year when we are most likely to feel depressed by a combination of post-Christmas nostalgia, lousy weather and mounting debt. Notoriously January is a long drawn out month, with the dark mornings and dark evenings having a significant negative affect on our mood, leaving many of us feeling like our get up and go has got up and left! Nowadays there is plenty of research on the mind-altering effects of alcohol and caffeine. And as much as fresh air and meditation can certainly help a foul mood, sometimes we just want to eat our way to happiness. Here are our top 5 picks for healthy mood boosting foods: High Carb Snack If y

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