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1.  Where is the store located?

Framar Health is located at 595 Lisburn Road, opposite Drumglass park, beside Oliver Bonas.

2.  Are you open any late nights?

No, our opening hours are Monday to Saturday, 9.30am - 5pm.

3.  Will you refund an online purchase if I'm not happy?

To see a detailed summary of our policy please head over here to our Returns & Refunds page.

4.  Can I make a clinic appointment online?

Yes, all appointments are made online by following the 'Online Booking' tab at the top of our webpage.

5.  When is the Food Sensitivity Testing available?

Food sensitivity testing is available Monday to Saturday.

6.  Can I book my child in for a food sensitivity test?

Yes, the food sensitivity test is available for children age 3 and over.

7.  What happens during a food sensitivity test?

Food sensitivity testing is conducted using bio-energetic technology, a safe and painless method of gathering information about your body.  It is conducted by a trained practitioner and the results are immediate.  The practitioner will then discuss the results with you. Food sensitivity testing is a popular and effective tool in understanding your health potential.

8.  How much is a food sensitivity test?

A food sensitivity test consultation (lasting 30 minutes) is £45.

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