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Bee Venom Serum Product Review

This month I will be reviewing the Wild Ferns New Zealand Bee Venom Serum as part of our Skin Rejuvenation Month.

Recently I have been feeling that my skin is looking very tired and my complexion is uneven. There are many varying factors that can be attributed to this (including raising 3 boys!), but I will be very interested to see how effective this serum is.

Of the product, Wild Ferns say, "This serum is designed to provide the beneficial effects of bee venom and nourish the deeper layers of your skin with precious nutrients. Bee Venom assists in energizing the skin's natural activity, encouraging increased circulation, collagen and elastin production. When your skin needs an extra boost of rejuvenation this is the ideal concentrate to provide all that is essential for extra vitality and radiance."

I plan to use the serum as suggested 3 times a week. I will use it at the end of my skincare routine in the evening, after cleansing my face with Lucy Bee Coconut Oil.

Let the testing begin!

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