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Top Tips for Staying Warm When It's Oh So Cold!

Cold temperatures have an impact on our health. As we get older it becomes harder for our bodies to detect how cold we are, and it takes us longer to warm up which can be bad for our health. But the cold weather affects us all, young and old; it can have a negative impact on our immune system, our heart health (because the cold weather acts as a vasoconstrictor), our balance if it's icy or snowy, and also affects our skin causing it to be dry and in some cases badly cracked.

Try these top tips for keeping warm and healthy during this cold snap:

* Don't stay seated for more than an hour at a time - move around and make yourself a hot drink

* Eat warming foods full of nutrients such as porridge, homemade soups, chilli with warming spices, warming hot chocolate (a couple of squares of dark chocolate mixed in almond milk helps keep this warming drink healthy!) or ginger tea, which has thermogenic properties that will help keep you toasty warm

* Invest in a good moisturiser such as MooGoo Irritable Skin Balm, especially for hands and face - the parts of the body most exposed to the very cold weather. This will help keep your skin stay hydrated.

* Keep your face and hands warm - if they get very cold they can cause a rise in blood pressure and this can negatively impact your health

* Spending more time indoors over this cold snap may put you in closer proximity to cold and flu germs. Echinaforce by A. Vogel helps the body fight the symptoms of colds and flus by supporting the immune system, helping to maintain the bodies resistance

* Wearing multiple layers of thin clothing helps to trap warm air, keeping you warmer than just wearing one thick layer

* If required, wear a hat in bed with thermal underwear - a lot of heat is lost through your head

Stay safe everyone :)

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