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Beat the Bloat

Introducing Symprove, a tried and tested probiotic that helps with digestive and gut health, including conditions such as IBS.

We all want to feel confident when taking health supplements, and a recommendation from a health professional can do just that to help increase our confidence. Symprove was featured in the Daily Mail Online on 22nd August, and received high praise from Professor Kevin Whelan. It was one of his recommended products effective for the relief of the symptoms of IBS, "Probiotics and their role in IBS is an incredibly complex area. It’s true that stomach acid does kill off some of the probiotics — that’s its job, to stop bacteria passing through — but even if only 1 to 10 per cent of several hundred billion survive, that is still a significant number."

The article also advises reducing consumption of certain foods, including apples, "Some people are fructose-intolerant, which means they don’t digest well the sugar in fruit. Apples are particularly high in this fruit sugar." Dr Steven Mann. The list of foods to be careful with also included bran flakes, coffee and sugar-free mints.

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