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The Secret to Starting School Strong

school supplements

We all want a strong start for our kids when they head back to school and out of our grasp, with only their immune systems to protect them until they see you again at the school gates. Here at Framar Health we want to help by providing you, the parents, grandparents and carers of those little minds and bodies by helping boost their immune systems and their learning ability, giving them the best start possible.

With just a few simple suggestions, we believe that 2017 can be the strong start you want for your little ones to thrive!

Renew Life Kids DHA
Eskimo fish oil for kids

Fish Oils are known for boosting brain function and learning ability of our minds, and in the learning environment of school, this supplement would be a welcome addition to any parents survival pack for their kids health. With trusted brands such as Eskimo and Renew Life we are sure to have the supplement of your little ones choice.

Multivitamin and Mineral Supplements not only support your children's internal building blocks of health, but they also help to combat the outward signs of a growing child and teen by increasing energy, reducing fatigue and improving cognitive function. Reliable brands for your little ones such as Natures Plus Animal Parade chewable tablets are a great way to get the goodness into them (my four year old would happily eat more than one of I let him!), and for the older teen, Wild Nutrition food grown range will certainly not disappoint.

Wild nutrition teenboy

Healthy Snacks in your child's lunch bag will help to give them the energy they need to get the most out of their learning environment and to have the most fun with their friends in the playground. Organix and Nairns have a great range, including all important and very tasty gluten free alternatives.

To further support the digestive balance of your little ones, a well chosen probiotic can be a great benefit to their gut health. OptiBac powders are easy to take and can be easily mixed with your childs favourite drink.

For the sporty kids who are always on the go and love to be active, a magnesium supplement can help to reduce muscular tension whilst improving muscle relaxation, contraction and calming, and with the range from Natures Plus your child can choose between a delicious chewable tablet or mixing the powder with a drink of their choice.

Magnesium Framar Health Animal Parade Mag Kidz

After 12 years of avoiding it, headlice hit our family for the first time last year. I found the Thursday Plantaion Headlice Kit wonderful and easy to use, and ever since discovering that the wee critters don't like tea tree, the kids happily only ever use tea shampoo and conditioner. Here at Framar we have a great range, including Optima and Jason for the whole family.

Thursday Plantation tea tree head lice removal kit

Visit our Back to School Shop online during August and get 15% discount, very helpful when there is so much else to buy at this time of year! Or if you're in Belfast pop over to our store at 595 Lisburn Road to avail of our great offers. Don't miss out!

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