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Toxic Thoughts?

By consciously controlling your thought life it is possible to detox your brain.

Toxic thoughts - a negative pattern of thinking - can consume and control your mind, negatively impacting your health and wellbeing. The discipline of mindfulness guides us to look at our thoughts from a distance; each thought to be considered a bus, passing before us as we stand stationary on the pavement - let them pass and don't jump on one! And so rather than engaging with our thoughts, we are encouraged to embrace the current moment using all our senses. My favourite example of this is standing under the shower - many of us plan our day during the morning shower, our minds active and busy. PAUSE. Be present in the shower. Smell the shower gel, feel the water on your skin, hear the rush of water as goes down the drain etc.

Calm a busy mind and rid yourself of toxic thoughts by carving time out of your day to practice mindfulness and encounter the many benefits it has to offer:

  • Reduced Rumination; long and deep considered thought

  • Stress Reduction

  • Boosts Working Memory

  • Greater Focus

  • Less Emotional Reactivity

  • More Cognitive Flexibility

  • Fear Modulation

For more information on mindfulness and how to get started with your practice, visit


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