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My Bee Venom Conclusion!

bee venom before and after

My journey over the past month using Wild Fern's Bee Venom serum has now come to an end, and as I reflect on the past month and the difference in my skin I can quite honestly say it has been a positive skin experience. The above pictures were both taken on a night out, the left hand side pic taken at the end of March and the right hand side pic last weekend. I am surprised by how tired I look in the first one, and my skin has a few blemishes. Whilst I do have a way to go, I think the primary difference in the RHS is the radiance of my skin - it just looks brighter and not as tired.

At the beginning of the month my skin felt tired and lack lustre. The area around my chin went from being problematic and breaking out to now being very much under control, and whilst this isn't 100% down to the serum, I do think the Bee Venom helps give my skin luminosity. The Bee Venom is said to increase circulation, which has given my skin an even tone.

If you are feeling like your skin needs a boost I would definitely recommend you try the Wild Fern's Bee Venom Serum!

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