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Beat HAY FEVER This Year

hay fever help

As the mother of a 12 year old who suffers badly with hay fever I know only too well how annoying and unpleasant this allergy can be. Whilst there are effective natural remedies that can be taken to help combat the symptoms including A. Vogel Pollinosan nasal spray and Helios hay fever homeopathy pillules, there are also several dietary components that can aid this condition. Being aware of these can help the hay fever sufferer manage their symptoms, in conjunction with taking natural remedies, leading to a much higher rate of success:

* Eliminate foods which encourage mucus production such as milk products, sugar and excessive starch.

* Boost foods and natural supplements that have natural antihistamine properties such as Vitamin C, Quercetin and Bee Pollen.

* Boost foods with anti-inflammatory properties; a predominantly raw-food diet will help reduce inflammatory tendency and would include fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and sprouted grains.

* Boost foods rich in calcium, magnesium and flavonoids such as nuts, sunflower seeds, onions, cabbage, blackberries and apples including the peel.

* Avoid foods such as tomatoes, oranges, cheese, red wine and chocolate as these foods contain histamine and will only aggravate symptoms.

* Investigate any underlying food sensitivities as the cause of the allergy, as pollen may only be aggravating it.

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