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Nutri Advanced MegaMag Muscleze (30 servings)

Nutri Advanced MegaMag Muscleze (30 servings)


Fast-acting powder with magnesium and other key ingredients to support muscle function and recovery following exercise.



Why choose MegaMag® Muscleze?

We designed our MegaMag® Muscleze powder to combine ingredients that work synergistically to support muscle function, repair and recovery. It may be particularly well suited for those who experience tired and aching muscles after exercise and want to avoid muscle cramps and spasms. The powder format allows for therapeutic amounts of these ingredients to be delivered, difficult to achieve in capsule or tablet form.

By providing the ingredients magnesium, malic acid and targeted B vitamins it can also be used to support energy production so makes an ideal pre- or post-workout drink. We use magnesium glycinate - a form of magnesium that has been shown to be better absorbed than cheaper forms and does not upset sensitive stomachs.  Muscles recover following exercise and avoid muscle cramps.

MegaMag® Muscleze is a great way to top up your magnesium if you want to avoid tablets - research from the latest National Diet and Nutrition Survey1 found that many people in the UK are struggling to get the recommended amount of magnesium through their diet.


What are the key ingredients?

Each serving provides 240mg magnesium which supports healthy muscle function, contributes to electrolyte balance, reduces tiredness and fatigue and supports energy-yielding metabolism.

Selenium and vitamin E play valuable roles as antioxidants which protect the cells from oxidative stress. Intense exercise can place stress on the body.

L-carnitine, creatine, glutamine and taurine are amino acids, building blocks of protein which is necessary for muscle repair and recovery.

Potassium, an electrolyte like magnesium, is required for normal muscle function.

671mg malic acid per serving to support energy production within cells in the body.


How does MegaMag® Muscleze help with muscle recovery?

Magnesium works closely with another mineral, calcium, and both these essential nutrients are involved in regulating muscle contractions. Calcium causes your muscles to contract while magnesium helps your muscles relax. If your body doesn’t have enough magnesium to compete with calcium, your muscles may contract too much, causing cramps and spasms.




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