Sylk Natural Intimate Moisturiser

We all know regular moisturising helps us keep skin hydrated and supple, and that different parts of our bodies need different products. Skin on our feet is thicker than elsewhere, requiring heavier more intense products, and our faces and under eye area need gentle products that hydrate and nurture these delicate areas.

Our vaginas are no different. But often, out of sight, out of mind applies until something goes wrong.

Tough but delicate

The vaginal area is very delicate and very tough. Delicate enough to be easily irritated by harsh chemicals, and tough enough to withstand the rigours of childbirth.
We think the vagina deserves some special treatment and that is where Sylk comes in. Sylk’s female friendly formulation is made from the kiwifruit vine gum, a special ingredient that mirrors the healthy vagina’s natural pH balance. The pH of the vagina is slightly acidic which is hostile to nasty bacteria. If this balance is upset
infections can take hold.

Complements your own natural lubrication

Sylk relieves vaginal dryness and complements your own natural lubrication. You can use Sylk every day. Safe and gentle, Sylk lets you take care of your vagina in the same way you take care of the rest of your skin.

Vaginal dryness is a common problem that will affect most of us at some time and Sylk is suitable to use whenever it occurs. Sylk is safe to use with internal or external hormone based contraceptives, HRT, when pregnant and breastfeeding and when making love. It is also perfect whenever that little bit of extra comfort is required such as around period time when tampon use can cause discomfort.

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