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Higher Nature Immune + (90 tabs)

Higher Nature Immune + (90 tabs)

    • Vitamin C and zinc support the normal function of the immune system -
    • Provides 1000mg vitamin C in two tablets
    • Powerful antioxidant formulation
    • Includes black elderberry and bilberry standardised extracts
    • With added blackcurrant fruit extract
    • Vegan and vegetarian friendly


What is Immune+?

Busy lives, stress and a diet lacking in essential nutrients are just some of the factors that can leave us feeling under par. A weakened immune system leaves us vulnerable to infections, so boost your body's defence system with this powerful immune support. Packed with natural extracts and important antioxidants, including blackcurrants and black elderberry to strengthen the immune system and protect against oxidative damage. Combined with immune essentials vitamin C and zinc to help keep you fighting fit. Take all year round as a preventative measure or take at the first signs of infection.


Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and children over 8. Immune + provides not only the essential vitamin C and zinc needed to support your immune system but has the added benefits of fruit extracts bilberry, black elderberry and blackcurrants to make this a potent and hard-working immune boosting combination.


Who is this for?

For anyone wishing to support their immunity and reduce the likelihood and severity of infections. Ideal solution for adults and children over 8 years.



Two Immune+ tablets typically provide:

1000mg Vitamin C, 5mg Zinc, 50mg Blackcurrant fruit 4:1 extract (min. 2% anthocyanidins), 50mg Bilberry standardised extract (2% anthocyanidins), 80mg Black Elderberry standardised extract (2% total flavanoids).


Daily Intake:

Suggested intake

Take 2 Immune+ tablets 1-3 times a day, with meals.



Please note

More than 1000mg of vitamin C may cause mild stomach upset in sensitive individuals.




* over £40


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